Vital Travel Documents for International Trips

Posted on 02 July 2022 (0)

Traveling changes your perspective about the world because of everything you encounter and experience. Rafael from RG3 Collision shares with us that some people make both international and domestic trips. International trips are exciting compared to domestic flights. Therefore, planning for a trip to a foreign country might get overwhelming but exciting at the same time. There are many things to prepare for, which confuse some individuals about where to start. You are required to pay attention to every detail. Here are documents you should not forget while planning for that international trip.


It is essential to have a passport. Travel experts recommend applying for one earlier if you don’t have one. Please submit your application beforehand so that it can be ready on time. If you have it, check its expiry date. Ensure that it’s valid until the next six months or you come back. Also, make your passport copy too.

Travel Visa

A travel visa is a stamp on a passport to show one has permission to enter a specific country. Some countries will provide you with a travel visa upon arrival, while others request it beforehand. During your planning process, ensure that you find out the conditions for a travel visa.

Copies of Identification Documents

You will require your identification documents while traveling and at times during check-in at your hotel. Remember to carry the original copies and the photocopies too. Keep the hard copies and the photocopies safe or send them to your email. That’s vital because they will come in handy during unpredicted situations, such as getting mugged and losing your original copies.

 International trips require us to carry lots of documents. You will need your travel itinerary and travel insurance. Enough and careful planning ensures that you don’t leave anything around.

Travel Recommendations for Unvaccinated People

Posted on 01 November 2021 (0)

Perhaps, you’re not fully vaccinated, yet you must travel. Maybe you’re worried that you could get the virus during the trip. In that case, follow these tips to protect yourself and the people you meet from COVID-19.

Before Traveling

Before leaving home, undergo the viral test between one and three days ahead of the trip. That way, you can know your status before embarking on the journey. Also, buy a sanitizer that you can carry in your bag. Also, have enough face masks because you’re not sure you will get enough of them when traveling.

During the Trip

When traveling, make sure that you always have a face mask covering the mouth and the nose. And this is a requirement when traveling on planes, trains, buses, and most public transportation modes. Also, wear face masks in train and bus stations, as well as airports. Wearing a face mask and observing a safe physical distance is extremely important for a not fully vaccinated traveler.

Additionally, avoid crowds and maintain a distance of at least two meters or six feet from anybody you’re not traveling with or are not your family member. Also, wash your hands more often and use hand sanitizer where you can’t get water.

After Traveling

Upon arriving home from a trip, undergo a viral test three to five days of arrival. Also, self-quarantine and stay at home for a week. Even after testing negative, continue to self-quarantine and staying at home for seven days. But if you test positive, isolate yourself to avoid spreading the virus to your loved ones.

If unable to get the viral test, self-quarantine at home for at least ten days. Don’t spend time around people, especially those with a higher risk for illnesses, whether you’ve undergone the viral test or not. Also, self-monitor for symptoms and seek medication immediately after you develop them. Follow all local and state requirements or recommendations.

Follow these travel recommendations to ensure your safety and protect your loved ones when traveling yet not fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

International Travel Mistakes to Avoid During COVID-19

Posted on 23 April 2021 (0)

The international travel industry is among the sectors that have felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic the most. Many countries implemented travel measures that kept people from leaving their countries. In some places, tourist arrivals dropped by over 70%. However, this has changed with the discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine. Many countries have eased travel measures, and people are moving in and out. Nevertheless, you can still make a mistake that will cost your life if not careful. Here are international travel mistakes to avoid during the coronavirus pandemic.

Traveling to Many Countries during a Single Trip

When planning an international trip, stick to a maximum of two countries. Although the temptation to tour several countries may be hard to ignore, it’s best to limit this number until this virus is under control. That way, you won’t have to worry about quarantines, additional transits, and testing requirements. You’ll also get a chance to learn about a travel destination and its native people.

Selecting Your Travel Destination Too Fast

Now that you’ve known you should tour more than one country during a single trip, narrow down your destination. Check state department or government websites to learn about coronavirus safety, travel bans, entry, and security requirements. That way, you will decide on the country to visit from an informed perspective. Choose a destination that has the necessary safety measures in place.

Failure to Check Change or Cancellation Policies before Flight Booking

Some travelers have lost their money on canceled trips. That’s because they didn’t have travel insurance to cover them in case of cancellation. To avoid losing your money, check change or cancellation policies before booking your flights. Choose an option that will get your money back if COVID-19 necessitates the cancellation of your trip or a change of your travel date.

In addition to these mistakes, avoid traveling without being tested and vaccinated if eligible. Also, carry PPE because you might not get them at your travel destination.

Where and When to Splash Out While Travelling

Posted on 08 January 2021 (0)

Whenever you are on the road, visiting new destinations, there is always the unrelenting urge to try out new things. While there are lots of things that you will be able to enjoy on the road for free, traveling costs money. If you have a chunk of money to spend on the road, there are many ideas for splashing out when traveling to consider. The following tips on how to splash out while traveling can help you to make the most of your trips. 

Family Vacation

Traveling as a family is a great way to bond together and create lasting memories. However, the adventure could also turn out to be a disaster if it fails to meet the expectations of your family members. Organizing a lavish family vacation whereby everyone gets to choose the activities and things to see could be an incredible way to delight them. I could be expensive but, the results could sure last a lifetime. 

Career-Building Activities 

Today, there are various kinds of skills that you can learn when traveling depending on the destination and purpose of your trip. For instance, you can travel to vineyards in France to learn how to make wine or visit Thailand to learn cooking. While some institutions only provide free basic lessons, others also allow travelers to register for formal classes. Such skills are not only important for self-growth but, also career development. The experience that you will get from the interactions is an invaluable investment that cannot compare to the cost of registering for the classes. 

Environmental Conservation Initiatives 

If you have some money to splash while traveling, environmental conservation could be a great way to benefit the local communities and make the world a better place. Depending on your destination and the amount of money that you wish to splash out, there are various ways to contribute to environmental conservation. You can donate money to local environmental agencies or campaigns. 

Although splashing out while traveling adds more fun to the experience, you should be careful to stay within your budget estimates. 

Benefits of a Job that Requires a Lot of Travel

Posted on 03 September 2020 (0)

Most jobs, especially office jobs do not often require traveling. However, there are also certain kinds of jobs such as plane pilots that will require you to be on the road most of the times. While such jobs might be overwhelming at times, they also offer huge benefits that could make a big difference in your career and personal life. The following are the key benefits of a job that requires a lot of travel. 

Experience New Sights and Sounds 

One of the benefits of travel jobs is that they allow you to change your environments from time to time. Regardless of your destination, there is always something new to explore. Experiencing life in new destinations will not only make the trip fun but, also create memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Greater Learning Opportunities 

Traveling also offers greater educational opportunities that will enable you to not only improve on your work but, also shape several aspects of your personal life. Whether you are on the flight, attending a business meeting or an exhibition, you will always get to meet different kinds of people from your field as well as other sectors. Besides, traveling also allows you to personally experience how people do things differently. From all those experiences, you can learn a thing or two on how to make your work more efficient and get the most out of every trip. 

Instills a Sense of Responsibility 

While you can still be responsible without traveling, successful business trips require strict discipline and resourcefulness. When traveling for work, you are responsible for making sure that the goals of the trip are met without any excuses. The responsibility becomes even much greater when you are traveling with a team. 

Considering the benefits of travel jobs discussed above, you do not need a reason to take on a job that requires frequent travel. Such kinds of jobs offer the best opportunities for you to have fun exploring the world and making money.