Reinventing Life by Traveling- Simple Steps to Follow

Posted on 07 November 2018 (0)

Reinventing Life by Traveling- Simple Steps to Follow

Traveling can enable you to make changes in your life. Although some people use books, local programs and internet videos, traveling works better for some people, especially someone like Arturo T. that owns and does a lot of traveling thanks to his success in business. If you want to reinvent your life, here are simple steps that you should follow according to Mr. Arturo Terrazas.

Write the Changes that You Wish to Make

Maybe there is a bad habit that you want to kick out of your life. You may also want to change how you live completely. Regardless of the case, traveling can help you do this. However, you must identify the changes that you wish to make first. Observe how you have been living instead of simply brainstorming. Write down what you want to change whether career, relationship or anything else. This will keep you on track through the trip.

Choose a Travel Destination and Method

Choose a travel destination and methods that will enable you to make the changes that you want in your life. Use a list of the things that you wish to change to choose a travel destination and methods. For instance, if you want to acquire a new skill or learn a new language, choose a destination or travel means that will enable you to achieve this goal.

Grab Opportunities

Take the opportunities that come your way when you travel to get a new perspective of life. This will enhance your plans to reinvent your life. Traveling presents new opportunities that you should take advantage of. Get new perspectives whenever you interact with new people and learn their ways of life.

Focus on Self-Discovery

Changing your inner world is the major reason for reinventing your life. It’s the reason you start observing your feelings and thoughts. Therefore, address your inner world directly. Start with self-awareness, self-love, and practice gratitude. Self-discovery will transform you and help you reinvent your life while traveling.


Your trip will be incomplete if it won’t have a return ticket. Therefore, come up with a routine upon getting back home. Radiate the new identity and change your daily life on the basis of the changes that you made when traveling. This will enable you to expand and maintain the changes. To achieve this, set aside reflection time, change how your home looks based on the new you, and make others know your new behavior, feelings and plans.

If you don’t like how you live currently, follow these steps to reinvent your life by traveling.


Guidelines for Traveling with Medication

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Airlines regulations keep changing. Today, most airlines have restrictions on the liquids that people can carry onto the planes. They also have rules for items like prescription drugs. If you intend to carry medication when traveling, here are guidelines to help you travel without hitches.

Check Your Medical Supply

Before you head out, make sure that you have adequate medical supply. Ideally, carry medications that will last throughout the trip. This is very important because you can face unexpected travel delays. Therefore, consider carrying extra doses just in case you face flight delay or cancellation.

Store Your Medication Properly

In some cases, you may be required to prove that you are the owner of the prescriptions. Therefore, carry your medication in the prescription bottles with your name on the label. This will enable the security agents to easily match the name with your personal identification.

Get a Medical Notification Card

If you suffer from a medical condition that requires you to access special medical equipment, get a TSA medical notification card. This will ease your screening process. The card may not be exempt you from screening by the security agents. However, it lets the TSA agents to quickly know that you can have more carry-on items than what is allowed.

Update the Dosage Schedule

Do you intend to travel across different time zones? If yes, be attentive to when you should take medication. When you travel to different time zones, you may need to adjust the medication schedule so that you can make up for time difference. Make sure that you discuss these changes with your healthcare provider to avoid the risk of too high or too low dosage.

Familiarize Yourself with Restrictions

There are restrictions for prescription drugs that you should understand before you travel. For instance, it’s illegal to carry prescription amphetamines, Sudafed, and Adderall into a country like Japan. Familiarizing yourself with the existing restrictions will enable you to avoid breaking the laws when traveling.

Carry Your Documentations

Even when traveling with prescriptions in the original bottle, carry extra documentation. This documentation may include a written prescription from the doctor and your medical record. Such documentation will proof that you are the owner of the prescription medication.

Traveling with medication can be a headache because you can easily break the existing laws. Follow these guidelines to avoid being in trouble for contravening the existing regulations and rules.

Useful Travel Tips for seniors to Enhance Your Trip

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Useful Travel Tips for seniors to Enhance Your Trip

Old age should not limit your happiness. When it comes to traveling, age shouldn’t matter. But, most seniors fear traveling due to complications and injuries that they are vulnerable to. Nevertheless, t is possible to travel despite your health problems.

If you’re a senior and you plan to travel, here are travel tips for seniors to enable you to enjoy your travel experience.

Contact Your Travel Agency Early

It’s advisable that you engage your travel agency in advance. Inform them about special requirements that you might have. Let them know the kind of accommodation that you want during the trip. If you are physically challenged, talk to the agency about it to ensure that proper mobility arrangements are made. Things like wheelchair storage and assistance with the wheelchair should be taken care of in advance. Airlines, trains and buses are not obliged to make such travel arrangement unless they are informed in advance. Therefore, plan for this and book reservation in advance.

Know Your Needs

You know the kind of travel experience that you wish to enjoy. Therefore, make your needs known to your travel agency. When not using a travel agency, make plans that will enable you to enjoy the trip.

Carry Important Document

Before traveling, make sure that you have all necessary documents. These include driving license, passport, drugs prescription, insurance documents, and statement of your medical conditions. Also make at least four copies of each of your important documents. Ensure that you place each copy on the carry-on, checked luggage, and hotel room. Also leave some copies at home or with your loved ones. Make sure that you have doctors note outlining your condition, what to do in case of complication and necessary health information.

Be in Touch with Your Relatives

Make sure that your relatives know your whereabouts. Take photos while enjoying your adventure and share them with loved ones. You can also make a phone call or text them. Use modern technology that includes applications like WhatsApp and Facebook to ensure that your relatives and friends know that you are safe.

Follow these travel tips for seniors to ensure that you enjoy a great travel experience!


Ways to Make Business Travel a Vacation

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Ways to Make Business Travel a Vacation

Are you a businessman that hits the road every week? Then you need to think outside the box. You should make your business travel a vacation. All you need to do this is an open mind and some planning. Remember that all work with no play will make you a dull person. You definitely don’t want this no matter how busy you are. Here are simple ways you can make business travel a vacation.

Feed the Inner Foodie

Every time an avid eater visits a new destination, they want to discover a buzz worthy restaurant. The city that you visit might not be new. However, it’s possible that there is a place that you haven’t been to. Therefore, try to explore and see what the chefs have to offer or how the ambience of the restaurant feels like.

Get Outside

Break up indoor meetings days by getting outside. Check out the most impressive places in town. Take time to travel around or event workout in a setting that brings a group of people together. Getting outside enables you to meet and mingle with new people.

Book a Tour

Book a tour that will take you to a place that you may be interested in. Two to three hours away from the conference hall or hotel with your laptop and a camera can prove effective and efficient when it comes to turning business travel to a vacation. Take time that you are free to tour your area and enjoy amazing views.

Amp up Your Romance

Invite your lover when going on a business trip. This will transform a work event into an awesome vacation. At the end of the business conference, you can go on a romantic trip with your lover. Enjoy amazing cocktails and craft beer as you get amazing views of the location. Get more intimate by going on a dinner or walking around the parks.

Business travel doesn’t have to be boring. Follow these tips to make business travel a vacation that you will live to remember.

Ways to Travel Safer, Cheaper and Smarter

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Ways to Travel Safer, Cheaper, and Smarter

Traveling can be a nightmare or a dream come true. Although this may depend on the circumstance, there are many things that you can do to ensure that you travel safely, cheaper and smarter. Here are tricks, tips and hacks that will make your trip amazing.

Pack More Efficiently

Properly packed bags make traveling comfortable and efficient. Packing stuff that requires less space enables you to carry a smaller bag. This is very important when flying or when you don’t want your luggage to be checked. Generally, you should pack like a pro traveler or flight attendant. These have been traveling for many years. As such, they know how to pack efficiently. For instance, they roll clothing to avoid wrinkles and ensuring a proper fit. Try this too to pack more efficiently.

Find Cheaper Accommodation

Instead of staying in a hotel, rent an apartment especially if you intend to stay at your travel destination longer. Services like Airbnb enable you to save money when looking for cheap accommodation. In some cases, you get quality accommodation at a faction of the cost of as hotel room. You also save on food because most apartments have kitchens that allow you to cook food.

Use Reward Cards to Get Cheap Flights

Travel reward cards enable you to get cheap flights that save you money to spend on other things. You can sign up for airline branded cards via which you can be awarded miles in form of bonus. This is a smarter way to travel especially if you travel more often. Nevertheless, you should pick the right cards to get free or cheap tickets.

Compare Options

Don’t make assumptions when it comes to travel methods and their prices. Basically, every time you decide to travel, take time to compare options. This will enable you to identify the most efficient, safer, cheaper and smarter way to travel.

If you are looking for the best ways to travel, try these tips to make traveling safer, cheaper and efficient. Check out some of Amex business travel benefits by clicking here.