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Travel Advice for Hong Kong

Posted on 31 October 2019 by (0)

Hong Kong is an independent administrative region of mainland China. Despite its rapid economic growth, Hong Kong has recently featured among the countries issued with travel warnings. While that does not mean travelers cannot visit Hong Kong, there are certain precautions that you should take to ensure your safety when touring the region. Here’s comprehensive travel advice for Hong Kong. 

Exercise Caution on the Streets 

Hong Kong has continued to experience multiple cases of civil unrest since June 2019. The streets have been filled with demonstrators and the police engaging in violent confrontations. The activities have in recent weeks increased into the neighborhoods, putting several lives in danger. There have been reports by the People’s Republic of China blaming the United States for fueling the situation in Hong Kong. 

Following the above developments, visitors, especially US citizens are advised to be very cautious when visiting Hong Kong. In case demonstrations erupt, try and find a way out of the areas as fast as possible. Wherever you visit, it is also advisable to maintain a low profile. 

Stay in Touch with the Local News Updates 

Due to the high likelihood of political unrest in Hong Kong, you never know when demonstrations may start. As you go about your tour, always stay up to date with the local news. For convenience, use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to get news updates. You may also want to follow the US Department of State on Facebook and Twitter for reliable updates. 

Check your Airline Status before Departure 

Airline policies can sometimes change due to the security concerns that may arise from political unrest. As such, it is advisable that before departure, make sure that you review your flight status. 

Hong Kong is a great travel destination with fascinating ancient and modern attractions. With a proper plan and the above guidelines, you can enjoy a remarkable trip in Hong Kong. Due to the developing cases of political unrest in the region, you should also consider enrolling for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. That will enable you to get real-time updates on the situation in Hong Kong while also making sure that you can be easily located in case of an emergency.