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Travel Recommendations for Unvaccinated People

Posted on 01 November 2021 by (0)

Perhaps, you’re not fully vaccinated, yet you must travel. Maybe you’re worried that you could get the virus during the trip. In that case, follow these tips to protect yourself and the people you meet from COVID-19.

Before Traveling

Before leaving home, undergo the viral test between one and three days ahead of the trip. That way, you can know your status before embarking on the journey. Also, buy a sanitizer that you can carry in your bag. Also, have enough face masks because you’re not sure you will get enough of them when traveling.

During the Trip

When traveling, make sure that you always have a face mask covering the mouth and the nose. And this is a requirement when traveling on planes, trains, buses, and most public transportation modes. Also, wear face masks in train and bus stations, as well as airports. Wearing a face mask and observing a safe physical distance is extremely important for a not fully vaccinated traveler.

Additionally, avoid crowds and maintain a distance of at least two meters or six feet from anybody you’re not traveling with or are not your family member. Also, wash your hands more often and use hand sanitizer where you can’t get water.

After Traveling

Upon arriving home from a trip, undergo a viral test three to five days of arrival. Also, self-quarantine and stay at home for a week. Even after testing negative, continue to self-quarantine and staying at home for seven days. But if you test positive, isolate yourself to avoid spreading the virus to your loved ones.

If unable to get the viral test, self-quarantine at home for at least ten days. Don’t spend time around people, especially those with a higher risk for illnesses, whether you’ve undergone the viral test or not. Also, self-monitor for symptoms and seek medication immediately after you develop them. Follow all local and state requirements or recommendations.

Follow these travel recommendations to ensure your safety and protect your loved ones when traveling yet not fully vaccinated for COVID-19.